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Gregg Fishman
June 20, 2022 | Wine | Gregg Fishman

What's in a Name? What's in the Bottle!

Most wine bottles are tinted green, or some darker color, to reduce the impact of too much light on the aging process.  White wines are not usually aged as long, so those bottles are usually clear.

The shape of the bottle usually reflects the style of the bottle that was available in the region where that wine was first produced.  Over time, many of those regional traditions have given way to modern sensibilities.  You might still find wicker-covered wine jugs in parts of Italy or some Eastern European wine regions.  Here in California?  Not so much! 

Scott Harvey Wines still bottles our Forte port-style wine in short wide-based bottles. This tradition was started when Port was brought along for long voyages at sea. Fortified wine was more stable in the hold of a sailing ship than wine that had not been fortified. The traditional port bottle, too, is more stable.  It might slide around the table on the ship's pitching at sea, but it won't tip over as easily as a taller wine bottle would. 

When you consider the possibilities in labeling, the variations are truly endless.  Most governments require wine labels to tell you the year the wine was made, where it came from and what variety of grapes was used. But with enough blending of grape variety, vintage, or growing region, some of that information becomes hard to convey in a small amount of space.

All winemakers use their labels to attract you to the wine and Scott Harvey wines are no different.  Our Cattedrale, Griffin Society, Mountain Selection and J&S Reserve labels reflect a certain amount of sophistication associated with fine varietals. But that doesn't mean Scott Harvey Wines can't have a little fun. 

Think "Tickle Me Pink' if you need some clarity on that concept, or Just One Last Kiss, InZinerator, or the FemKnight version of InZinerator.  Those labels are sure to start a conversation and they reflect the fun, artistic side of winemaking.  

Our Jana label also carries some additional meaning.  Originally, it was wines sourced from other regions other than Amador County, but now it mostly represents our white and rose wines.  From the Blanc de Blanc sparkling to the Vermentino, Jana wines reflect an old-world balanced style.  They offer crisp flavors, pair well with a wide variety of foods and provide an alternative to Scott Harvey's big bold Zinfandels, Barberas, and Syrahs. 

Wherever your taste lies, whatever label draws you in, whichever bottle conveys a sense of history and tradition that speaks to you, Scott Harvey and Jana wines offer something for everyone.




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