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Scott & Jana Harvey
July 5, 2023 | Scott & Jana Harvey

Cheese and Wine Pairing Suggestions

Scott Harvey Wines understands the complexities of good wine and cheese pairings and the impact that these can have on the enjoyment of their wines. The flavors and textures of the best Zinfandel or Barbera Reds are heightened when matched with the right cheeses.

Matching the right wines with the best cheeses will play a significant role in ensuring you enjoy your wines thoroughly and do not accidentally overpower them with the most flavorful cheese.


Barbera Red Wines

Gorgonzola: The creamy, tangy, and slightly spicy flavors of Gorgonzola complement the rich fruitiness and vibrant acidity of Barbera red wine, creating a harmonious balance.

Pecorino Toscano: This Italian sheep's milk cheese offers a nutty, slightly salty taste that pairs well with Barbera red wines' bright fruit flavors and lively acidity.



Smoked Gouda: The smoky and slightly sweet flavors of smoked Gouda beautifully complement Syrah's bold, dark fruit flavors and peppery notes.

Manchego: The nutty and buttery flavors of Manchego create a lovely contrast with the spiciness and complexity of Syrah, enhancing the wine's characteristics.



Monterey Jack: The mild and creamy flavors of Monterey Jack cheese provide a neutral backdrop that allows the fruit-forward and spicy qualities of the best Zinfandel wine to shine.

Pecorino Romano: The robust and salty flavors of Pecorino Romano can accentuate the bold fruit flavors and peppery undertones of the best Zinfandel wine, creating an intriguing pairing.


Mountain Selection

Aged Gouda: The caramel and butterscotch notes of aged Gouda complement the depth, structure, and intense flavors of the Mountain Selection wines.

Parmigiano-Reggiano: The nutty and savory flavors of Parmigiano-Reggiano pair well with the complex and concentrated characteristics of the Mountain Selection wines.


Keeping It Simple

These guidelines help you pair the right wine with the correct cheese. The cheeses are intended to harmonize with the wines without overpowering their flavors. You can experiment at home, but these are a great place to start.

In any instance, keeping it simple is essential.

Visit Scott Harvey Wines

After years of successful winemaking in Napa Valley, Scott Harvey established his winery in Amador County. This location is east of Napa Valley, not far from Sacramento, and centered in Plymouth, CA.

Deciding that the raw product in the area was of high quality and could produce wines equal or better in quality, Scott led the way into newly emerging, but less crowded, Amador County.

Scott Harvey is serious about making great wine and showing their guests a super time. Whether tasting the Barbera red wines, the exciting Syrahs, or the tasty and best Zinfandel wines, you can cozy up to the tasting bar or lounge and sample the wines that are putting Amador County on the map.

The wine tastings are also educational opportunities held at three separate venues. These are:

The Scott Harvey tasting locations are:

Shenandoah Valley Wine Tasting Room

Plymouth CA

(209) 245-3670


Sutter Creek Tasting Room

Sutter Creek CA



The Old Sugar Mill Tasting Room

Clarksburg CA


Don't miss the opportunity to experience the best wine tasting anywhere and enjoy the magnificent Barbera red wine, the best Zinfandel anywhere, and other delicious wines that Scott Harvey produces.

You can make your reservations online by visiting the website. Note that times can vary depending on the location.

If you have questions or other inquiries, phone Scott Harvey Wines at 209-245-3670.


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